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Once again, it has come to my attention that people who write misogynist shit are not universally mocked for dehumanizing women and girls. No, I’m not talking about Richard fucking Dawkins for a change. I’m talking about Christian clergy who opine thusly: 2 Reasons Why My Daughter Will Not Go to College.

My two sisters and my one brother are much older than me.  I often joke that I was an only child with five parents.  It’s very difficult for me, even though I will be 40 years old on my next birthday, to out-live the title of “baby of the family”.
Conversations with my neo-conservative sister (seven years older) often involve wading into a controversial subject that would end in her evaluating the interaction and giving me some motherly  sisterly advice.  Nearly every conversation would end with, “Don’t be so open minded that you’ll let anything in.”


Katha Pollitt's recent article in the Nation, Atheists Show Their Sexist Side, examines the way women are viewed and treated within the atheist community. Her comment about Dawkins' twitter feed was so dead on, I had to tweet it. Thus spawned #TheirSexistSide.

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Richard Dawkins, hysterical dumbass.

Richard Dawkins has been keeping himself very busy indeed during his stay as an involuntary organ donor. He has bravely taken to Twitter to defend Michael Shermer, the notorious subject of multiple accusations of predatory sexual behavior toward women, and tweeted some of the stupidest thing His Intellectual Excellency has ever said. And that is saying something, my friends.

I'm told that atheist hero Richard Dawkins is putting out a compendium of his Most Important Tweets.  Someone deep inside the movement slipped me a copy of the cover!

Broad Delusion

[CONTENT NOTE: minimizing gender-based harassment; misogynist abuse; minimizing pedophilia and rape; ableism; extreme hostility to consent, bodily autonomy and agency; one m-f* bomb.]

The text from my mother read: “You should control her right from the beginning. Kids respect you that way.”
I froze in shock as I read this, the most naked statement I’d ever heard my mother make about her parenting philosophy. We were discussing the upcoming birth of my daughter and how excited I am to meet her, to learn her personality, much as I would a new friend.

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